The Seagulls are minor villains in Finding Nemo. They are portrayed as mindless eating machines who only shout out one word: Mine!

They were first seen when they were cawing Mine! while Nigel had a crab stuck to his wing, much to his irritation. However, he ended up relieving the crab when he overheard from his fellow Pelicans that Nemo's father, Marlin, was trying to search for Nemo, although the crab managed to escape from the Seagulls. The Seagulls also nearly killed Marlin and Dory while trying to escape from Nigel (as they thought he was going to try and eat them when all he was trying to do was tell them that he knows Nemo and where he is), but Nigel managed to save them. The Seagulls made their last appearance when Dory and Nemo were trying to get information out of a crab about where he saw Marlin go (they intended to feed the crab to the Seagulls if he didn't answer them).

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