Dr. Philip Sherman is the secondary antagonist of the Disney/Pixar movie Finding Nemo. He is the diver that kidnapped Nemo to give to his niece Darla, as a present.

Finding Nemo Edit

Like his niece, Philip Sherman can't be seen as truly villainous since he genuinely loves his niece and just wants to give Nemo to her as a present. However, he did indeed kidnap Nemo from his home, therefore, he is not completely innocent. Of course, he also figured he [Nemo] would die in the ocean. Also, he is an enemy to Nigel, who is a pelican, because the former thinks the latter wants to eat his fish. He also treats his patients rather crudely when caring for them, as shown when he yanks one of his patient's teeth out rather hard.

Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Philip Sherman is the secondary antagonist because while he did kidnap Nemo from his home, Darla is still the main antagonist because she is a more direct threat to Nemo and the fish than her uncle.

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